Insurance - Property Loss, Builder's Risk, and Appraisal

Insurance - Property Loss, Builder's Risk, and Appraisal

Flax & Associates consults on measuring property damages for all types of properties ranging from ports, commercial buildings, nurseries, hospitals, residences and more. Our team has extensive experience in inspecting, documenting, assessing, and generating realistic scopes of repairs with costs. In addition, our team is often asked by our clients to assist in the final settlement process because of our construction expertise.

Our firm assists clients by providing:

  • Timely assessment and scope property damages
  • Estimate reconstruction costs and highlight risk exposure
  • Review and analysis of EMS vendor costs
  • Estimated Period of Restoration
  • Appraisal & Umpire Services
  • Construction contractor negotiation
  • Construction schedule analysis
  • Project Monitoring

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Flax & Associates is a multidisciplinary construction consulting firm specializing in providing risk-based advisory and dispute resolution services to the construction, legal, insurance, real estate development, and engineering industries.